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The routines are recorded to copyright free music with the instructor facing the front and the back.


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Other Resources


AeroFun & AeroSkills

AeroFun and AeroSkills is an exciting aerobics participation program conducted in a school, club or after school care centre. Anyone can deliver the program: parents, teachers and other community coaches. The materials have been written specifically for this program to ensure no prior experience with Aerobic Gymnastics is required. Each participating club, school or after-school care centre will be provided with extensive resources to guide the teacher/coach/instructor through each of the lessons and the development of a pre-choreographed aerobics routine. It is a six week program that guides coaches through the development of a routine for their participating students or team.


AEROkid Aerobics Manual

The manual is designed to increase the participation levels of students aged 8-18 years in aerobics and fitness sessions. It has been written for teachers, coaches and fitness instructors wanting to introduce basic aerobic movement patterns via games and fitness activities into their sessions. It provides exciting ideas for conducting recreational aerobic sessions including an easy to follow pathway for students wishing to compete in Aerobic Gymnastics events.