Sample Routines


The sample routines show a variety of shapes / formations and travel patterns that teams are expected to incorporate into their performance. Athletes are rewarded artistically for their use of travel patterns that utilise the entire floor space, and team work in creating interesting and original shapes / formations.


To ensure that teams may feel a greater sense of ownership of their routine, they are also encouraged to create their own unique start and end poses.


The following clips are sample routines of each of three Levels in the AeroSchools program that progress in difficulty from Level 3 through to Level 5.



Sample Level 3 Routine (7MB)

Sample Level 4 Routine (7MB)

Sample Level 5 Routine (7MB)



Watch the sample AeroDance routines here. The samples include routines with Hip Hop, Theatrical and Latin dance styles in Division One and Two, created especially for beginner and intermediate teams.