Competition or Display? 


Whilst participating in the AeroSchools program, it is ideal that students have the opportunity to perform their routines. This can be done in both non-competitive and competitive environments depending on their choice. Perhaps performing the routine to their fellow students during P.E. class, or at school assembly. Maybe they're interested in sharing their routines with another school, or at a local competition.

With this in mind the AeroSchools program offers participants a series of State AeroSchools Championships, culminating in a National AeroSchools Championships. This event runs in conjunction with the annual Aerobic Gymnastics Australian Championships, conducted by Gymnastics Australia.


How do we get to Nationals?


Schools can enter an unlimited number of teams into the State Championships. Depending on the number of entries in each category of competition at the State Championships, the following qualifying rule will apply for automatic entry into the AeroSchools National Championships.


No. of pairs, trios or groups

competing in State category

       No. that qualify to compete

        at AeroSchools National Championships

0 - 10 5
11 - 15 6
16 - 20 7
21 - 25 8
26 - 30 9
31 - 35 10
36 - 40 11
41 - 45 12
46 - 50 13


What can we complete at the Nationals AeroSchools Championships?


To keep the routine performances fresh and our crowds entertained (not to mention our judges alert!) we phase out the older routines each year. You can still practice them in your school or club, check with your State as to whether you can compete them there. 


In 2017 schools can compete any routine from the 2014 through to 2017 releases. You can't compete a routine from 2013 or prior at this year's National AeroSchools Championships. 


Still got questions? Email with your queries or contact Gymnastics Australia on (03) 8698 9700.