Who can deliver the wonderful AeroSchools resources?


We're glad you asked! AeroSchools is easy enough to be delivered by just about anyone, if you've done dance/aerobics/physical culture/calisthenics or nearly any style of movement to music before - you'll be fine. But there's two groups who are specifically perfect for it;


TEACHERS - your teaching qualification makes you more than suitable to guide students through an aerobics session. Our lesson plans are designed with your busy school schedule in mind, simply grab the resource and go with it.


The lessons in the AeroSchools resource align with the Australian Curriculum: Health and Physical Education, providing opportunities for students to learn through movement. It supports them in broadening the range and complexity of fundamental movement skills they are able to perform. They learn how to select, transfer and apply simple movement skills and sequences individually, in groups and in teams. Included in the AeroSchools program is the School Gymnastics resource pack. 


Lesson plans have comprehensive step-by-step instructions on how to move your students through the work out including;

  • Planner
  • Objective, Time, Area and Equipment recommendations 
  • Key coaching points


Plus each lesson contains;

  • Warm Up game
  • Stretches
  • Fitness skills
  • Dance Routine
  • Warm Down

Needing a little more help?


Contact us to run a teacher training session at your school, qualify your teachers in a few hours, whilst getting them fit. 




Purchase a copy of the AeroSchools Teacher's Guide from Gymnastics Australia. 



COACHES - utilse the same resources in your gym, studio, club or school environment, if you've got space, you've got aerobics! 


Gymnastics Australia recognises and covers any *Technical Member with an 'Intermediate' or above qualification suitable to teach this program. Coaches should be registered with Gymnastics Australia and be instructing the program in an accredited facility (e.g. gymnastics club). 



Find out more about becoming a coach or find a course in your state or territory!